CBD Pre Rolls - Balance

Icons Unique strain | Full Spectrum | 100% whole flower | No pesticides or herbicides | Third Party ISO-certified Lab Tested

Hello inner balance! Our hybrid CBD pre-roll Balance is the perfect mixture of earthy pine and a slight lemon taste with woody undertones. Designed to leave you feeling calm, but alert and you guessed it, balanced, this is a perfect smoke at any time of the day.

  21% CBD

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  • Full-spectrum
  • CBD-rich, unique strain
  • 100% whole flower
  • No trim, no shake
  • Unprocessed, all natural
  • No pesticides or herbicides
  • Less than 0.3% delta-9-THC 
  • Third Party ISO-certified Lab Tested

Contains two 0.5 gram pre rolls

Major terpenes:
Beta Caryophyllene, Farnasene, Myrcene. Also found in rosemary, ginger and lemongrass.
Major terpene effects: 
Can reduce inflammation and provide a sense of calm and relaxation

Analysis  - COA


How can CBD help me?

CBD can be used to:,

Relieve stress and anxiety

Regulate your mood 

Recover from exercise

Assist with pain and inflammation

Support energy balance and inner peace

Promote a more present and even state of mind

As a natural, non-toxic substitute to alcohol and tobacco


Which of your CBD products are right for me?  


Both CBD pre-rolls and CBD oil are great ways to consume CBD they just offer different experiences. 

CBD oil is typically used by those new to CBD. CBD oil is perfect for consumers that want a sugar free, gluten free and vegan product that can be taken discreetly, either dropped under their tongue or added to favorite foods, smoothies and drinks. CBD oil is typically taken sublingually (under the tounge) but can also be used topically (on your skin). Our CBD oil is not designed to be vaporized. Taken sublingually CBD oil typically takes effect within 30-90 minutes, lasting on average for 4-6 hours.

CBD pre-rolls offer customers the opportunity to consume CBD in its most natural form, flower, with absolutely no processing or added oils. CBD pre-rolls are one of the most effective methods of absorption because CBD enters your lungs and goes directly into your bloodstream. You'll typically feel the effects within 1-2minutes and they'll generally last for a few hours. CBD pre-rolls are perfect for consumers looking for a natural substitute to cigarettes.

Will CBD work for me?

This all depends on the individual. Each of our endocannabinoid systems are unique. Some people respond incredibly to CBD products, while others respond gradually, and some people experience no noticeable difference.  

The consumption method may also affect how a consumer will respond to a CBD product. 

Always consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.



Find relief, naturally, with Eve Farms CBD pre-rolls.

Eve Farms CBD pre-rolls are made from premium CBD-rich hemp plant genetics, handpicked for their quality, potency and effect.

Grown naturally without pesticides or herbicides, our hemp flower is ISO lab tested by a third party to ensure its purity.

We handcraft our CBD joints with award-winning, exclusive CBD strains you won’t get anywhere else, so our customers can enjoy a unique smoking experience. Unique stains for unique lives!

We use 100% whole flower. No trim, no shake. Perfect for those who want to consume CBD in its most natural form, flower, with absolutely no processing or additives. And for those that desire an immediate effect and fast acting results.

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