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Chill vibes

Love this blend. I feel very at ease with this cbd roll. Perfect for winding down. ;)

Better with Both

"Thanks for making this awesome CBD bundle. I don't have to choose between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum. I can have both!
I'm happy with the soothing effects of each variety and happy to get a discount on both!

Cloud Nine Chillin’

These capsules are my favorite! Eve Farms has proved their products are worth the money over and over again. These capsules are great for any situation. Going to work and intend to have a stressful day? Take one. Want to have a super relaxing evening? Take two or three. Anti-anxiety, anti-stress, cloud nine chillin’. Thank you Eve Farms!


These caps are a great way to get my daily doses of CBD, morning and night. No fuss, no mess. I love that the caps are Vegan too!


These CBD capsules are seriously unbelievable. They are the best price point and quality I can find! They are the perfect dosage and helps me feel much more at ease all day long! I absolutely love these capsules! Thanks Eve Farms!

Anxiety relief!

These capsules are very effective for helping calm my anxiety and perfect for dosing. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone currently integrating CBD into their life and for those curious to see the benefits!

Excellent and effective

I agree with the comments of reviewer Sherry. I got tired of being pot blasted with that annoying feeling of anxiety that most times accompanied the high. Eve Farms pre rolls are perfect! Love the smell and taste of the flowers. Sweet, earthy and then...significant pain relief! My knees, hands, and back begin to ease into pain free mode! I am amazed each time! I feel relaxed and mellow and truly grateful! Thank you Eve Farms for a quality effective product!

Thumbs up!

Since this was my first time trying CBD oil, I decided to purchase the bundle to see which oil I preferred. So glad I did, as they both help in different situations. When I'm feeling anxious, esp during these unsettling times, I use the Full Spectrum and within minutes feel the calmness taking over. Pretty miraculous for someone who's suffered from chronic anxiety their whole life. The Broad Spectrum is wonderful at the very end of the day to help my mind shut off and get a better night's sleep. Both are awesome and I highly recommend them! Thank you, Eve Farms!

Excellent product for calming & balance

I've purchased the Full Spectrum 1000 mg CBD oil twice. I use 50 -100 mg daily. I usually put it in my coffee. Even though the result isn't felt in a dramatic fashion, I find my emotions and my reaction behavior a lot less troublesome - you know, all those people and mistakes running around in that small space between the ears - all that life stuff takes a step back so I can deal with life at present. And it beats the stuffin' out of years of taking Xanax - I am now sure that narcotic freaking burnt a hole in my brain. SO THANKS to Eve Farms for producing a dependable, excellent CBD product.

Worth it!

I decided to get the bundle because I wasn't sure how I would react to each of them, and I'm so happy I did. I use the Broad Spectrum one to help sleep and wind down for the night and the Full Spectrum to help with pain and anxiety. Obviously everyone should do what works for them, but would highly recommend them both!

Relaxing vibes

I enjoyed this vibe preroll! I smoked it in stead of a glass of wine after work. It made me feel calm and relaxed but still able to get more chores done! I really like the glass packaging!


I first discovered Eve Farms when I visited Oakland from Atlanta in February 2020! They had a booth at the Black Joy parade and were giving out free pre-roll samples. I had tried CBD Flower just two other times after my boyfriend introduced it to me. And I already knew I loved the feel! I am an entrepreneur who manages both anxiety and depression daily and often the two can be very conflicting feelings to have. But the clarity that feel with Vibes is divine. I usually smoke it before I get into office work at home or if I'm relaxing. I feel all the extra thoughts wash away and my brain feels fresh and light. Optimistic thoughts and feelings are uplifted and the body looses un-wanted tension. Quality, good shit.


Very great tasting and does its job very effectively. I would definitely recommend thus product.

Kitty (Cupcake)

I put some on my cats sores on her face. It healed them and help her mellow out. Also it tastes great. Thank you for making a wonderful clean products.

Amazing product!

I recently tried the ginger-flavored broad spectrum and the full spectrum CBD oils. I love them both - clean taste and I feel great - everything in balance and no migraines. I actually mix the two, so I get the great ginger taste with the full entourage benefits. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Just perfect!!

I was overjoyed to find these pre-rolls. The boost gave me a uplifting jolly mood , the balance gave me a little relaxed feeing , more focused , and the vibe helped me unwind and feel calm. As a former marijuana smoker , I was so happy to not feel that butt-plant unclear head high , as thats why I stopped 10 yrs ago. These CBD pre-rolls are more like just a very clear carefree feeling plus pain relief and as I described above , each also has their own action. I love finding companies that give customers a really great product for a great price, which is why when I find a company , Like Eve Farms , I make sure to leave a review because they deserve the respect .

Great product!

So this one i shared with a friend who has anxiety. They said it really calmed them down, as they were anxious about a stupid social situation. After we smoked, it seemed like they really were accepting of whatever life had to offer. Good stuff!

Really nice

This one was interesting. I really liked the earthy pine and woody undertones. Great smoke!

Real smooth

Loved it! They are rolled nicely, smokes evenly, and smells very nice. Pungent and tickles the senses.


I know people say this all the time but I have tried so many different brands and types of CBD products and these pre-rolls were the only product that helped me with my anxiety, sleep issues and minor shoulder pain. I wanted to try the bundle since I hadn't tried CBD pre-rolls and they were all awesome! I have taken medicinal cannabis edibles and I feel that the CBD pre-rolls worked better for my specific issues. Thank you Eve Farms!


Hits the spot. Super smooth, incredibly relaxing and comforting. Eases my anxiety and helps me get a more restful sleep. Love.

Great Deal

Wanted to try the difference in the three prerolls and the bundle is the way to go! Each was amazing in it's own way and the savings were great

Helped with body pain

I was so sore and achey when I woke up this morning from some workouts this week, took a dropper with my coffee, and I can honestly say I don't feel as achey. The taste was not overwhelming and did not leave a lingering taste in my mouth like ones I have used in the past. Will definitely continue to use!

Great for calming anxiety

I've been using my first bottle of this for about a week so far and I love it! I have used other oils in the past and this one has a much milder and better taste than any previous ones I've tried. I have been taking 1 ml during the day and at least 2 ml in the evening. I feel a subtle calming shift about 20 minutes after taking the oil, no mental fog or drowsiness. It really helps to calm the physical symptoms of anxiety for me, like muscle tension and nausea, which helps me so much to stay calm. It's been a really big help and I'm now going to try the 1000mg bottle!

Sleep, calm, peace

I have been giving this to my Highschool son for a month now. His anxiety has significantly lessened, he sleeps peacefully and most important he is a pleasure in the mornings now! My husband and I would AVOID him because of his crabbiness. My son is now pleasant in the AM. He reports that he feels less stressed. Thank you for making a difference in my family’s life 😀