Not all CBD is Created Equal

How do I take CBD oil Eve Farms


With a multitude of companies all selling 'the same’ products, it can be hard to understand what to look for when shopping for top-quality CBD. It's time to cut through the noise. This is your guide to selecting the right CBD products and for choosing Eve Farms. 


A high-quality CBD product begins with superior plant genetics

Consumers of CBD products might find relief from some brands but not others. This is most likely due to the genetic profile of the hemp plant used to formulate the product.

Like THC and CBD, the remaining 101 cannabinoids found in hemp have their own unique effect and benefit. And the potency of each cannabinoid and other compounds will differ from one hemp cultivar to another. 

Our hemp plants are handpicked for their powerful plant profiles and their ability to produce a full spectrum of rich cannabinoids including CBC, CBN and CBG (check out their benefits here). 

At Eve Farms we also breed proprietary hemp plant genetics that we believe will have therapeutic benefit and effect. We use these unique, exclusive, award-winning cultivars to support our clinical trials and to craft our CBD pre-rolls.


Clean, cultivation & creation practices count

Look for a pure product, from seed to sale.

Our hemp is grown naturally, free from harmful pesticides and herbicides, in family fields where crops have been farmed for three generations.

We use a safe, clean extraction process to create our oils - using CO2 to pull the CBD and other beneficial compounds from the plant. The end result is a pure, potent, chemical-free product.  



It's all natural

CBD products are typically ingested or absorbed into the body through the skin. Ensuring products are formulated with no harmful additives is a must!

We use 100% natural ingredients. No chemicals. No preservatives or fillers. No harmful additives. Only the goodness of whole plant hemp, skin-nourishing MCT coconut oil and anti-inflammatory organic ginger.



It's tested...and retested

The CBD industry is relatively new and there can be a lack of transparency and accuracy to back up the quality of products sold.

At Eve Farms we aim to deliver the highest quality, purest CBD products possible. We test our products using a third-party laboratory multiple times throughout the creation process to ensure we consistently meet our goal. 

You can find the independent lab test results for all our products here.