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What does CBD oil taste like?

December 21, 2020

If you’re considering using CBD for the first time, you might wonder what CBD oil tastes like. Usually, the flavor is subtle and plant-like, but you can get flavored CBD oil if you prefer.

When using CBD, you should ideally drop it under your tongue and hold it there for about a minute. Because of this, the flavor of CBD oil does matter: naturally, you wouldn’t want to use something that tastes unpleasant to you. 

How does unflavored CBD oil taste?

Unflavored CBD oil usually tastes subtly herbal and earthy. It tastes a little like a plant. Some people enjoy this flavor, but others don’t.

The exact taste of CBD oil depends on a few different factors, and the flavor will vary from one brand to the next.

Extraction method

The exact taste of CBD oil will depend on the extraction method that is used to process the product. We use CO2 extraction, a safe and reliable method that won’t make the oil taste like chemicals. 

If CBD is processed using hydrocarbon solvent extraction, however, it might have an unpleasant, chemical taste.

Carrier oil 

CBD oil is made up of CBD suspended in an oil, known as a carrier oil. The taste of unflavored CBD oil also depends on the carrier oil that is used, because each oil has its own unique flavor. 

The most popular carrier oils are:

  • Olive oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Cranberry seed oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Coconut oil 

We use coconut oil in our CBD oil range. For this reason, our products have a very mild coconut oil flavor.

Does unflavored CBD oil taste pleasant? It really depends on your personal tastes. Many CBD users don’t mind this taste at all, but others do. Our reviews often remark that our oil tastes very mild and clean, and that the flavor doesn’t linger.

What about flavored CBD oil?

CBD oil is often flavored in order to make it more palatable. Common flavors include peppermint, lemon, and berry. 

It’s important to pay attention to the type of flavoring that is used. Natural flavorings, such as fruit extract, tend to taste more pleasant and less synthetic. To ensure that your CBD is of a high quality, only buy CBD that uses a natural flavorant (or no flavorant at all).  

Our broad-spectrum CBD oil includes ginger extract. Ginger, which is an effective anti-inflammatory, adds a great taste to the oil while offering the user the benefits of ginger.

What if I don’t like the flavor of CBD oil?

Not keen on the taste of CBD? One way to avoid it is to use CBD capsules. Our full-spectrum CBD capsules contain 20mg of CBD each. What’s great is that it doesn’t have a taste at all—simply swallow it as you’d swallow a normal capsule. 

There’s really only one way to know if you’ll like the flavor of CBD, and that’s to try it for yourself. When buying CBD, you should take factors into consideration other than taste; for example, you should pay attention to the certificate of analysis to make sure that you’re purchasing a high-quality CBD product.

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