How to Tell if Your CBD is High Quality

How to Tell if Your CBD is High Quality

October 07, 2020

In a world where CBD brands are being created every day, it can be overwhelming to choose a CBD product that delivers what it promises. 

Unfortunately, not all CBD is created equal—meaning that some CBD products are of a better quality than others. Some companies cut corners and put out ineffective, low-quality CBD products. That is why it’s essential to only buy CBD products from brands you can trust. 

So, how can you tell if CBD is high quality? Here are five questions you should consider. 

1) Has it been third-party tested?

When shopping for high-quality CBD, you might notice the words “third-party tested” or “lab tested” on the packaging or in the description. This means that the products are tested in an independent lab. I.e. not by the brand themselves.

Lab reports, which are also known as certificates of analysis or COAs, confirm the amount of cannabinoids in the product. COAs might also test for toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, and molds.

Sadly, some companies advertise their products as containing far more or far less CBD than what they actually contain. This mislabeling can mislead customers, which is why a COA is so important.

You should be able to view the lab reports yourself. (Hint: our lab reports can be found here). This should be seen as the minimum requirement for a CBD brand: if there is no lab report, don’t buy it. 

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2) How is it grown?

Because CBD comes from hemp, high-quality CBD begins with high-quality hemp. Before buying CBD, ask yourself: Is this company transparent about where their CBD comes from? Do they use potentially toxic chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, to farm their hemp? 

Our CBD comes from hemp grown on a family-run farm. We chose hemp with a powerful cannabinoid profile in order to provide potent, premium CBD. The hemp we use is free from harmful pesticides and herbicides, which could cause allergic reactions. 

We take a hands-on approach to the process because we breed hemp plant genetics in order to create effective and beneficial CBD. We use these unique cultivars to support our clinical trials and to craft our CBD pre-rolls.

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3) How is it extracted? 

Once hemp is grown, the manufacturer has to extract CBD from the plant itself. This extraction method can affect the quality of the CBD, which can in turn affect your experience with the products. There are a few different CBD extraction methods, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. These include:

Solvent extraction 

This involves using either a natural or hydrocarbon solvent to extract the CBD. While this is an effective and cheap method, it can leave toxic residue or chlorophyll behind. 

Steam distillation 

This method uses water vapor to extract CBD. With this method, the potency of the CBD is hard to control, and there’s a risk of burning the CBD if the temperature of the steam is too high.

CO2 extraction

This method involves using carbon dioxide to extract CBD. While this is typically the most expensive method, it’s widely considered the best extraction in the CBD industry. 

Our CBD is processed using the CO2 extraction method. We chose the CO2 extraction method because it minimizes the chances of our CBD containing chlorophyll and toxic residues without reducing the strength of the CBD. CO2 extraction means potent, toxin-free CBD.

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4) What do people say about it? 

To ensure that you’re buying top-notch CBD from a top-notch company, don’t be afraid to read reviews and check social media to find out what other people are saying about the products. 

Through reviews, people might share: 

  • Whether they found the products effective
  • Which conditions they used the products for
  • How they used the products (for example, what dosage they used)
  • What their experience was like
  • Any issues they had with the products
  • What customer service experiences they had
  • Whether they’d recommend the product

Of course, everybody’s experience with CBD is different. Some people might need a higher dose than others, depending on their weight, metabolism, and other factors. So, remember that a review isn’t a guarantee that you’ll have the same experience, although it might help you decide whether or not to hit that “checkout” button. 

Curious about what our customers think? Take a look at our reviews!

5) What else does it contain?

It’s essential that the CBD itself is of a high quality. But what about the other ingredients in the product? 

Often, we’re so concerned about the quality of the CBD that we don’t stop to consider the other ingredients in the product. A product might contain premium, organic-based CBD - but if it also contains artificial and toxic additives, it can have a negative effect on your body.

This doesn’t just apply to the CBD products you ingest. If you’re using CBD topicals or CBD-infused beauty products, it’s essential that you check those ingredients, too. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body.

When choosing a product, ask yourself:

  • Does it contain flavorants? Are these natural flavorants, or are they artificial?
  • What oil base does it use? 
  • Does it contain anything else?

Our CBD oils contain fractionated coconut oil also known as MCT oil. MCT is short for Medium-Chain Triglycerides, a “healthy” fat that is said to have a range of health benefits.  We source high quality ingredients individually lab tested for purity and select the most environmentally friendly supplies as possible.  We also use organic ginger oil. Ginger, with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, complements the effects of CBD and adds flavor which many customers enjoy.  

Our CBD pre-rolls, on the other hand, contain nothing but pure hemp flower. 

While shopping for premium CBD products online can be overwhelming, there are a few ways you can tell that your CBD is high quality. Be sure to look out for a lab report or certificate of analysis, and don’t be afraid to read the fine print. And if you have any questions about a CBD product, feel free to contact the store and ask!

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