eve farms high times cup winner

Eve Farms: Winner of Best CBD Flower at the 2019 High Times Cup

November 05, 2020

In addition to offering a range of high-quality CBD products on our online store, we at Eve Farms California develop our own unique cultivars. These cultivars are used in our clinical trials, and are available in the form of our CBD pre-rolls

In 2019, we entered our FF x EVE cultivar into the High Times Cup, and it won in the category of Best CBD Flower. A CBD-rich cannabis strain, FF x EVE is a unique strain that wowed the judges with its enjoyable effects and citrus-like flavor.

The High Times Cannabis Cup

The High Times Cannabis Cup is one of the world’s leading cannabis competitions. It was founded in 1988 by Steven Hager, editor of the prestigious cannabis publication High Times. The event aims to identify and award innovation in cannabis growing. 

During the competition, a range of industry experts blind-test the products themselves. Based on the judges’ votes, the products are ranked, and the top three products in each category are named. 

The Cup has evolved from a small, underground event held in Amsterdam to one of the most important events in the industry, supported by celebrities, experts, and the cannabis community in general. At first, the competition only had a few different categories: cannabis, sativa, indica, and hash. Now, there are numerous categories, including ones that focus on CBD flowers, concentrates, topicals, and more.

Previous winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup have gone on to become some of the most well-known brands and strains in the industry.

Eve Farms is proud to say that we’ve joined their ranks. 

FF x EVE, our High Times award-winning cultivar

In 2019, our FF x EVE cultivar won the title of Best CBD Flower at the High Times Cannabis Cup. 

Our FF x EVE cultivar has a unique combination of terpenes and cannabinoids that delivers a wonderful daytime high. 

With around 5,8 percent THC in total and nearly 10 percent of CBD, the strain gives the user a clear-minded, euphoric high, making it great for focus and productivity. It produces a pleasant, uplifting sensation throughout the body, much like a relaxing and warm vibration. 

Because it produces a clear-headed sensation, FF x EVE is ideal for daytime use, perfect for a day of creative activities or an afternoon outdoors.

FF x EVE has a delicious, tart, citrus aroma, much like tangerines. In terms of taste, you can expect a distinct fruit salad flavor with hints of sour candy orange. This terpene and flavonoid profile adds the cherry on top to what is an already delicious experience.

We’re incredibly proud to have won this prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup title, and we’re more motivated than ever to keep producing top-notch cultivars and excellent products. If you’d like to check out some of our products for yourself, browse our website.

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