CBD pre roll reviews

CBD Pre-Roll Reviews: This is What People Are Saying About Eve Farms' CBD Pre-Rolls

December 31, 2020

As an award-winning CBD brand, our CBD pre-rolls are a source of pride for us. CBD pre-rolls are essentially like cannabis joints, but instead of cannabis, we use hemp. This means that they aren’t intoxicating, and they’re legal in the United States

We have three top-quality cultivars, Balance, Boost, and Vibes, each with their own unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Each of these cultivars were created with a specific effect in mind. 

Here’s what our customers are saying about our CBD pre-rolls.

Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety

CBD products are often used for anxiety. Studies suggest that CBD can help decrease stress and depression, too. 

Anecdotally, many people use CBD to help them feel calm, happy, and relaxed. Here, one customer shares how our Vibes CBD pre-rolls have helped her:

“I first discovered Eve Farms when I visited Oakland from Atlanta in February 2020! They had a booth at the Black Joy parade and were giving out free pre-roll samples. I had tried CBD Flower just two other times after my boyfriend introduced it to me. And I already knew I loved the feel! I am an entrepreneur who manages both anxiety and depression daily and often the two can be very conflicting feelings to have. But the clarity that I feel with Vibes is divine. I usually smoke it before I get into office work at home or if I'm relaxing. I feel all the extra thoughts wash away and my brain feels fresh and light. Optimistic thoughts and feelings are uplifted and the body loses unwanted tension. Quality, good shit.” - Isoke Luqman

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A relaxing alternative to alcohol, cigarettes, or cannabis

Many people use alcohol, cigarettes, and cannabis to relax. For some people, these can come with drawbacks. Pre-rolls are great because they combine the act of smoking with the flavor and experience of cannabis, plus they offer a relaxing boost—all while helping you stay clear-headed and sober. 

I enjoyed this vibe preroll! I smoked it instead of a glass of wine after work. It made me feel calm and relaxed but still able to get more chores done! I really like the glass packaging!” - Danagalmc

A great joint or cigarette alternative. I’m someone who enjoys the act of smoking, so these pre-rolls are fantastic. The high is mild and manageable even after smoking the whole thing, unlike most joints which will hit you hard afterwards. While cigarettes can feel harsh on your lungs and throat, this product obviously has none of that.” - Elliot Lieberman

Boosts the mood

Our CBD pre-rolls are great for a general mood boost. The following customers enjoyed our CBD pre-rolls for its calming and pain-relieving benefits:

Just perfect! I was overjoyed to find these pre-rolls. The boost gave me an uplifting jolly mood , the balance gave me a little relaxed feeling, more focused, and the vibe helped me unwind and feel calm. As a former marijuana smoker, I was so happy to not feel that butt-plant unclear head high, as that's why I stopped 10 yrs ago. These CBD pre-rolls are more like just a very clear carefree feeling plus pain relief and as I described above, each also has their own action. I love finding companies that give customers a really great product for a great price, which is why when I find a company like Eve Farms, I make sure to leave a review because they deserve the respect.” - Sherry Rickman

Wonderful! I know people say this all the time but I have tried so many different brands and types of CBD products and these pre-rolls were the only product that helped me with my anxiety, sleep issues and minor shoulder pain. I wanted to try the bundle since I hadn't tried CBD pre-rolls and they were all awesome! I have taken medicinal cannabis edibles and I feel that the CBD pre-rolls worked better for my specific issues. Thank you Eve Farms!” - Sandra

If you’re interested in learning more about CBD pre-rolls, check out our guide here. Alternatively, you can purchase our CBD pre-rolls today and experience it for yourself!

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