Hikers using CBD for recovery

Calling All Hikers: Should You Consider Using CBD for Recovery?

October 30, 2020

As a trending health product, CBD is starting to gain a positive reputation in the hiking community. CBD is often used to enhance hikes and help people recover from an intense trail. 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical found in hemp and cannabis plants. CBD products are everywhere at the moment, with capsules, oils, and CBD-rich pre-rolls being popular among people from all walks of life. The research on CBD has been promising, and CBD seems to have numerous health benefits - many of which can benefit hikers.

CBD and pain

Every avid hiker is familiar with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which is that muscle pain and stiffness you feel the day after a hike.

CBD is most commonly used for pain and inflammation, which makes it the perfect addition to any athlete or hiker’s daily routine. CBD has proven anti-inflammatory properties, and an extensive 2018 review of studies concluded that CBD can effectively reduce pain. 

CBD can be taken as a preventative measure before hiking to reduce pain during the hike, or you can take it afterwards to reduce muscle soreness.  

CBD and anxiety

The majority of hikers will tell you that hiking is great for your body, mind, and soul. Many of us use it as an opportunity to relax and disconnect from the rest of the world.

Much like hiking, CBD is relaxing. A 2018 review concluded that CBD can reduce one’s overall stress level. A few recent studies have shown that CBD can help with PTSD, and other studies suggested it could help with social anxiety disorder.

Since CBD is the perfect chill pill, it makes sense that it goes hand-in-hand with hiking. Many people use CBD to manage anxiety and day-to-day stress. Whether you’re feeling anxious about the hike or want to deepen your relaxation, CBD is worth a try. And it's great that you can now buy CBD online.

CBD and energy

Many people use CBD to give them a boost of energy. The scientific link between CBD and energy is a little complex: it hasn’t been studied thoroughly, but it makes sense that a product that can help reduce pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety can help with your energy levels.

So, if you struggle to find energy from time to time, using CBD on a daily basis might keep those draining conditions at bay.

Tips for using CBD for hiking

If you’re keen to use CBD for hiking, here are a few important tips:

Regular dosages are key: CBD is like a multivitamin: it works best when it’s used consistently for a while. Regular usage makes it more effective at addressing long-term issues like anxiety and energy. Read our dosage guide here.

Use a little more than usual on a hiking day: If you’re trying to relieve a specific symptom, and it’s severe, you can increase your dosage a little. For example, if you take 20mg per day, take 30mg or even 40mg when recovering from a hike.

Don’t smoke CBD in a high fire-risk area: Smoking CBD pre-rolls is a popular (and legal) way to get your daily dosage. However, if you’re hiking in an area that is prone to fires, it’s best to stick to another CBD product. (You can smoke all you want before hitting the trails, though!)

Talk to your doctor: If you have any specific health concerns, a CBD-friendly doctor can give you personalized advice and guidance.

If you’re interested in using CBD to improve your hiking experience, or to help you recover from an intense hike, we recommend our capsules and our CBD oils

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