cbd capsule reviews

CBD Capsules Reviews - What People Are Saying About Eve Farms' New CBD Capsules

One of the simplest ways to use CBD is in the form of a CBD capsule. Our Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules are easy to dose and use, and they’re a popular alternative to vaping, smoking, or using CBD tinctures. 

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CBD pre roll reviews

CBD Pre-Roll Reviews: This is What People Are Saying About Eve Farms' CBD Pre-Rolls

As an award-winning CBD brand, our CBD pre-rolls are a source of pride for us. CBD pre-rolls are essentially like cannabis joints, but instead of cannabis, we use hemp. This means that they aren’t intoxicating, and they’re legal in the United States

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eve farms cbd oil reviews

This is What People Are Saying About Eve Farms' CBD Oil

Although we’re proud of the fact that we’re an award-winning CBD brand, we’re even more proud of the fact that our customers love our CBD.

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how to store CBD pre rolls joints

This is How You Should Store CBD Pre-Rolls

Storing a CBD pre-roll properly helps it stay fresh for longer. But how should you store a pre-roll? 

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cbd oil taste

What does CBD oil taste like?

If you’re considering using CBD for the first time, you might wonder what CBD oil tastes like. Usually, the flavor is subtle and plant-like, but you can get flavored CBD oil if you prefer.

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eve farms california cbd

Everything You Need to Know About California CBD

With its progressive laws and laid-back atmosphere, California is a great state to buy, use, and sell CBD products. You’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to where to shop and which products to purchase.

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Co2 CBD extraction

Is CO2 Extraction Safe for CBD?

Is your CBD oil safe? Many factors determine the quality and safety of your CBD oil. One of these factors is the extraction method. The “extraction method” is the way CBD is removed from the plant in order to make the CBD product. 

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hemp seed oil is not cbd oil

Know the Difference: Why Hemp Seed Oil is Not the Same as CBD Oil

Many people mistakenly think that CBD oil and hemp seed oil are the same thing. Because of this, many people purchase hemp seed oil expecting to get the benefits of CBD oil—and, naturally, they end up disappointed!

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traveling with CBD

Can I Travel with CBD?

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, CBD is a great addition to your toiletry bag. But if you’re traveling from one state to another, is it legal to take CBD with?

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how do terpenes affect your body

How Do CBD Terpenes Affect Your Body?

Terpenes also have a range of potential health benefits, with each terpene affecting the body in a different way. This is partly why different strains have different effects on your mood, mind, and body.

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does cbd have terpenes

Does CBD Have Terpenes?

Terpenes are the chemicals in cannabis and hemp that give each strain its own unique smell. Because of their apparent health benefits, many people are becoming more interested in the potential of terpenes. But does CBD contain terpenes?

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CBD and cycling and bicycling for recovery

Calling All Bicyclists: Should You Consider Using CBD for Recovery?

CBD is gaining momentum in the cycling community, with many cyclists using CBD for recovery. But how exactly can CBD help bicyclists?

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